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    The product found in : FACOM (hand tools) Tools selection

    ref: CM.EM40A

    Brand : FACOM
    Price :    1.20 FCFA VAT Incl.
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    4 Options available:

    • CM.EM40A: Selection delivered without container.
    • BPC16N.EM40A: Selection delivered with BP.C16N plastic toolbox.
    • BST14.EM40A: Selection delivered with BS.T14 textile toolbox.
    • DS295.EM40A: Selection delivered with Tough System 3 drawer box BSYS.BPC3T.

    REF: 141.12 qty: 1 Tweezer straight model
    REF: 113A.6C qty: 1 6 inch chrome adjustable wrench
    REF: 192A.16G qty: 1 Diagonal pliers 16 cm
    REF: 193A.16CPE qty: 1 Sheathed half-round pliers 160 mm
    REF: 194A.17CPE qty: 1 wire stripper 170mm
    REF: 195A.16CPE qty: 1 Half round pliers with short spouts 160mm
    REF: 44.JE9T qty: 9 Set of 9 open-ended wrenches 8 to 19mm
    REF: 181A.25CPE qty: 1 Locking pliers
    REF: 251A.2 qty: 1 Precision pin punch with guide sleeve
    REF: 251A.3 qty: 1 Precision pin punch with guide sleeve
    REF: 251A.4 qty: 1 4mm pin punch
    REF: AFU.2 qty: 1 Screw installation for slotted screws
    REF: AT5.5X125TVE qty: 1 Protwist® 1000v screwdriver slim slotted screw 5.5x125
    REF: 835A qty: 1 Spring puller
    REF: AT3.5x75VE qty: 1 Protwist® 1000v screwdriver 3.5x75 slotted screw
    REF: ATP0X75VE qty: 1 1,000 Volt screwdrivers for Phillips® PH 0 head
    REF: 779.PBT qty: 1 Pen flashlight
    REF: 834B.RTI qty: 1 Led telescopic mirror 55 mm
    REF: 893B.213 qty: 1 Tape measure 2m / 13 mm ABS
    REF: 83H.JP9A qty: 1 Set of case 9 Male keys long mm
    REF: 840.F qty: 1 Locking pocket knife
    REF: AT4X100TVE qty: 1 Protwist® 1000v screwdriver slotted screw 4x100
    REF: AT4X35 qty: 1 Stubby screwdriver 4 x 35
    REF: AT6.5X150TVE qty: 1 Protwist® 1000v screwdriver slim slotted screw 6,5x150
    REF: ATP1x100TVE qty: 1 Protwist® 1000v Phillips® slim 1x100 screwdriver
    REF: ATP2x125TVE qty: 1 Protwist® 1000v Phillips slim 2x125 screwdriver
    REF: R2NANO qty: 1 1/4 "hexagon socket set