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    Hikoki presentation

    Who are we ?

    We are Hikoki.

    And for 70 years we have been creating powerful power tools.

    We believe that innovation is limitless.

    We are constantly looking for ways to improve our tools, making them more powerful, more efficient, more ergonomic.

    We do this to make each task as simple and comfortable as possible for professionals. A reason to innovate, which inspires us continually and gives us new ideas on: how to improve ...

    We have rethought and eliminated some of the major wear parts for optimum power. We invented ways to make our power tools even more compact and lightweight. And we have managed to make them even more durable. And by the time we reach our goal, we have already found new innovations to improve and facilitate new tasks.

    That's what motivates us and always gives us a head start.

    Because we believe that innovation is limitless.

    We are Hikoki.

    Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has entered a new stage in its history. The power tool manufacturer for professionals was acquired by the US holding company KKR in the spring of 2017. For this reason, the name of the company became Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. in June 2018. Since October 2018: all Hitachi Koki power tools are offered under the HiKOKI brand. HiKOKI is derived from the English word "High" and the Japanese word "Koki", which means "industrial machinery".

    Nothing changes except the name !!!

    The company offers a wide range of professional equipment for almost all industrial sectors, as well as a full range of accessories. This includes perforators, perforators and choppers, cordless tools, grinders, sawing, drilling and specialized tools for wood, concrete and steel work.

    We benefit from its means of research, technology, control, quality, experience ensuring us:

    • an irreplaceable experience capital

    • the means to innovate with the primary objectives of quality, safety and respect for the environment

    • Special attention is given to the design of the new products, which have received numerous awards (IF Awards):

    The professional distribution is made in Industrial Supplies, Hardware, Building Trade - Electricity - Painting, Sanitary Heating and in addition the Rental.

    In France we have the advantage of a light, mobile structure whose effectiveness is based on the speed of adaptation. Some of the extreme quality of our products, we make sure to provide them with irreproachable service: you benefit from important commercial support, both on the human level and on the sales aid.

    Power Tools
    Perfo SDS +
    SDS MAX Burner
    Breaker Demolisher
    Nut driver
    Grooving Grinder
    Sander Polisher
    Chain saw
    Router Planer
    Various Multi-tool
    Motorized garden and forest tools
    Building trades
    Landscapers Farmers
    Plombiers Chauffagistes Sanitaires