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    VARTA presentation

    VARTA® Brand History (1887-1909)
    Today’s VARTA® batteries have been providing advanced technology, powerful performance and exceptional service around the world for over 100 years.

    1887: Adolf Müller Sets VARTA® on the Road to Success
    In the 1880s the spirit of invention is all around as numerous technology firsts, including the internal combustion engine, X-ray and electric light, transform everyday life. In another first, founder Adolf Müller launches the company Büsche & Müller in Hagen, Germany, paving the way for VARTA®'s future.

    1890: AEG & Siemens Invest
    As AEG and Siemens work to produce accumulators, a key component in batteries, they decide to invest in the VARTA® predecessor, Büsche & Müller. The result is called Accumulatorenfabrik AG (or AFA for short).

    1893: VARTA® Batteries Power the First Electric Cars in Germany
    The Baker “Runabout”, the first vehicle bought and driven by Thomas Edison, becomes the first American electric car to be introduced to Germany by Adolf Müller. Fittingly, it’s powered by batteries from VARTA® predecessor AFA.

    1904: The VARTA® Name is Born
    AFA subbrand VARTA® is established, initially to manufacture small, portable lead accumulators used for engine ignition, making hand-cranking a thing of the past. The name VARTA® is an acronym for Vertrieb, Aufladung, Reparatur Transportabler Akkumulatoren, which stands for Distribution, Recharging and Repair of Portable Accumulators.

    1905: Night Driving Becomes Safer
    As drivers increasingly venture out on the roads after dark, VARTA® delivers the first-ever batteries for automotive lighting.

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    1914: VARTA® Leads the Way
    VARTA® lead-acid batteries become an increasingly popular choice for quick, reliable automotive starting.

    1923: Our First Chairman of the Board
    Dr. Günther Quandt becomes Chairman of the Board of the VARTA® predecessor, AFA. Ever since, he and his successors have been responsible for the company’s continued international expansion.

    1926: The Range Grows and so Does Our Success
    VARTA® precursor AFA takes over the Pertrix Chemische Fabrik AG, developers of the first storable dry-cell battery. Ever since, VARTA®’s battery range has been the most comprehensive on the market.

    1934: More than 3 Million Cars Drive Battery Demand
    As the number of cars on the world’s roads exceeds 3 million, fuelling increased demand for reliable, powerful starting batteries, VARTA® continues to pull ahead in the market.

    1935: Factory-Fitted in the First-Ever Forklift
    The precursor of the modern forklift truck, “the electric vehicle with lift pole” is launched. From day one they’re factory-fitted with VARTA® batteries.

    1936: Standardisation Makes Buying VARTA® Batteries Simpler
    VARTA® offers the first standard-sized starter batteries that fit in every single car, making replacement quick, easy and cost-effective.

    1950: Modern Assembly for a Thoroughly Modern Product
    The first-ever assembly line for automotive batteries is launched, making VARTA® batteries faster and cheaper to produce. The cost savings give our customers more affordable products.

    1955: Reaching Out to Over 20 Countries
    In the prelude to mass production, VARTA®’s Ellwagen portable battery plant devises a paper-lined battery with double-clad separator. It’s a clear success as 23 countries adopt the patent

    1960: Helping the Sixties Go with a Swing
    It’s a big change from 6V to 12V batteries in cars as VARTA® quickly responds to the growing power requirements of vehicles launched in the sixties.

    1962: Now Extra Reliability Is Built in
    VARTA® replaces key component wooden separators with plastic separators to create a more robust product.

    1965: Series Production for Dry-Charged Starter Batteries
    VARTA® starts the production for dry-charged starter batteries in Germany.

    1966: Lighter Batteries Make Transportation Easier
    The hard rubber crates of starter batteries are replaced by simple plastic boxes. As a result, they’re easier to move from place to place.

    1970: Battery Leaks Are Consigned to History
    The first-ever leakproof car battery the VARTA® Super Dry, is introduced, further increasing the brand’s reputation for reliability.

    1977: Our Toughest Battery yet
    The first vibration-resistant and cycle-proof starter batteries are developed to cope with the considerable demands now being placed on construction vehicles.

    1978: A New Way to Lower Overall Battery Costs
    The first-ever maintenance-free starter batteries with selenium technology are introduced, resulting in low self-discharge, low water consumption and lower costs all around.

    1983: Maintenance-Free Heavy-Duty Batteries for Reduced TCO
    VARTA® launches maintenance-free heavy-duty batteries with calcium grid alloy.

    1986: From Minimal Maintenance to None Whatsoever
    VARTA® launches the world’s first totally maintenance-free LF (liquifix) starter batteries with bound electrolyte technology.

    1987: VARTA® Gets on the Grid with Grand Prix Batteries
    Maintenance-free VARTA® Grand Prix batteries with improved cold cranking performance due to new grid and separator technology.

    1993: Delivering Ten Times the Standard Vibration Resistance
    Our Super Heavy Duty truck batteries with an innovative glass mat layer are launched. They’re the perfect solution for construction vehicles, providing improved cycle life and starting performance, plus unshakeable resistance to vibration.

    1995: The Ultimate Battery for High-Performance Cars
    Silver technology for car batteries launches across Europe and is quickly taken up by leading manufacturers. Now, our Silver dynamic battery is the ideal match for high-performance, highly equipped vehicles, providing a longer service life, and maintenance-free unrivalled performance.

    1998: Streamlining Our Operations
    For greater efficiency, all the portable battery divisions in VARTA® are merged into one. The new subsidiary is named VARTA® Gerätebatterie GmbH. As a result, innovation is delivered to consumers faster than ever.

    2000: Our Dedicated Centre of Innovation Opens
    VARTA® unveils a new technology centre for automotive battery development in Hanover, bringing together some of the most proficient designers and engineers in the business.

    2002: Johnson Controls Invests for the Future
    In November 2002, global market leader Johnson Controls, Inc., acquires the VARTA® automotive battery division giving, this business unit a solid foundation for future growth. To learn more about Johnson Controls, go to johnsoncontrols.com.

    2003: New AGM Technology Is Quickly Taken Up by OE Manufacturers
    VARTA® batteries are the first-ever AGM (Advanced Glass Mat technology) batteries for OE manufacturers of luxury vehicles. AGM is spillproof and requires no maintenance.

    2003: A New Level of Performance for Commercial Vehicles
    Silver technology for truck batteries is launched to instant acclaim. VARTA® Promotive Silver is the perfect energy source for high-performance commercial vehicles, from premium coaches to the latest trucks. This maintenance-free product delivers a longer service life and exceptional performance.

    2006: The VARTA® Dynamic Trio Launches
    Johnson Controls launches the class-leading VARTA® dynamic trio automotive standard flooded lead-acid battery range. Silver, Blue and Black options ensure cars at any lifecycle stage are provided for.

    2007: Innovative Start-Stop Batteries Make an Impact
    Our new start-stop batteries rapidly gain the trust of manufacturers such as BMW and Mini. And it’s not long before the VARTA® brand is the leading supplier of batteries for start-stop, hybrid and electric vehicles.

    2008: The Unique PowerFrame® Technology Is Introduced
    This patented, next-generation grid technology is one of Johnson Controls’ finest achievements. It delivers optimum energy flow, unparalleled performance and uncompromising reliability, no matter what the battery application.

    2009: Three Big Awards in 1 Year
    Positive feedback for VARTA® batteries: Johnson Controls is proud winner of the "Best Sales Marketing & After Sales Support Award 2009" by the international buying group TEMOT International. In addition, Johnson Controls was awarded the "Truck Supplier Award 2009" by VOLVO and also the "Supplier of the Year Award 2009" by General Motors EMEA.

    2009: The Tried-And-Trusted Choice of Leading Start-Stop Vehicle Manufacturers
    By the start of the year, over 80% of start-stop vehicles are already fitted with VARTA® batteries.

    2010: 125 Years of Johnson Controls
    Johnson Controls celebrates 125 years at the forefront of battery technology.

    2010: Enhancements to the VARTA® Start-Stop Battery Range
    The innovation at Johnsons Controls continues with the development of the optimised VARTA® start-stop Plus battery featuring AGM technology for advanced start-stop vehicles and the VARTA® start-stop battery featuring EFB technology for entry-level vehicles.

    2010: Recycling Program ecosteps® Is Launched
    The ecosteps® initiative is introduced to facilitate the professional and eco-friendly recycling of vehicle batteries for improved sustainability.

    2010: Three Big Awards in 1 Year
    Positive feedback for VARTA® batteries: Johnson Controls is proud winner of the "Volkswagen Innovation Award" and "Volkswagen Group Award for Sustainable Energy Storage System". In addition, Johnson Controls was awarded the “Supplier of the Year Award 2010” by General Motors EMEA.

    2011: VARTA® Start-Stop Service Programme
    The VARTA® start-stop service programme [VSSP] is launched, providing independent workshops with extra technical support and tools to facilitate changes in start-stop vehicles and enhance their business and customer support.

    2011: Edison Best New Product Award 2011
    The VARTA® start-stop battery range is named the winner in the Edison Best New Product Award within the "Energy and Sustainability: Sustainable Power Systems Segment"

    2011: Increased European Production
    With the increased demands placed through the start-stop battery range, Johnson Controls expands production capacity across Europe to meet expectations.

    2012: MAN Truck and Bus Supplier Award 2011
    Johnson Controls is honoured with the MAN Truck and Bus Supplier Award 2011. International Buying Group TEMOT International awarded us with “Innovation Award” for our quality AGM technology.

    2013: Johnson Controls Relaunches its VARTA® Brand – It All Starts With VARTA®
    Johnson Controls relaunches its VARTA® brand with a new logo, brand-new battery labels, a refined product lineup, a brand-new website, catalogues and support material.

    2014: Johnson Controls Includes AGM and EFB in its Powerful Dynamic Trio
    In 2014, Johnson Controls added VARTA® Silver dynamic AGM and Blue dynamic EFB to the tried-and-tested dynamic trio. AGM and EFB batteries offer unmatched performance and unrivaled endurance for high-performance vehicles and start-stop applications.

    2016: Maintenance-Free Batteries for Asian and European Applications
    In 2016 Johnson Controls invents batteries that are maintenance-free and specially designed to withstand extreme climate requirements. They’re stronger, more durable and keep the customers going. Plus, the manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly, using 20% less energy and emitting 20% fewer greenhouse gases.

    2019: Clarios
    Johnson Controls Power Solutions separates from Johnson Controls International, LLC. to become its own entity, Clarios.

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