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    The INGELEC company was founded in 1975, while the Moroccan industry was barely nascent. The Sekkat family, which was until then active in the plastics industry, decided to enter the construction market, with significant advantages, mastering the plastics business.

    The Sekkat family decides to start with the manufacture of switches, this is the beginning of the success story.

    In order to achieve its objectives of competitiveness and profitability, INGELEC has invested in total quality management for 10 years. Its goal is to strengthen its position as a national leader and to open new markets for export.

    1975: Creation date
    1993: Obtaining the Quality Label L.P.E.E (public laboratory for testing and studies) for OSCAR and TICHKA products
    1996: Certification in accordance with the Moroccan standards of the modular circuit breaker "Galaxie 6000"
    1997: Certification of TICHKA product
    Gold trophy for export
    Product certification ZENITH
    1999: Gold Trophy for the best company in Morocco awarded by the CNCE (National Council of Foreign Trade)
    2000: Product Certification LOGO
    Certification of the ISO 9001 version 2000 quality system
    Product Certification PODIUM
    2006: Renewal of the ISO 9001 version 2000 certification
    2009: ISO 9001 certification version 2008
    2012: Certification of socket outlets and power strip according to Moroccan nome NM.06.6.090
    Certification of the product ALYANS according to the NF license
    OURIKA product certification according to the NF license
    Certification of the product TROPIC 2 according to the NF license
    Certification of the Tichka 2 and Zenith series according to the Moroccan standard NM.06.6.001